3 Keys to Recruiting Success

A Proven Process is Key

ThreeKeys downloadRecruiting is one of the most important aspects of building a successful Advisory Board. It takes planning, preparation, and following some fundamental steps. If executed properly, achievable objectives are 70% acceptance and 90% retention. To help you reach that goal, the following keys will serve as a guideline as you develop and execute your recruiting activities.

Have all the answers for the recruit as well, with our FAQs page. The questions asked:

  • I’ve made several attempts to contact the individual we’d like to recruit, but they don’t know me and have not responded. What is the best way to make contact?
  • What’s in it for the member?
  • What will keep members engaged and coming back?
  • Should I compensate my Board Members?
  • How do I determine membership tenure?
  • How do I retire or “roll off” members from the board?

Learn what the Three Keys for Recruiting and Membership Success are from this Geehan Group Article Download.