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Why Few Customers Control your B2B Brand and your Margins

by Sean Geehan, Author

The B2B world shares many traits with the B2C market.  However, two of the crucial differences are number of customers (weighting) along with the industry expertise (domain knowledge) that B2B decision makers have.  In most cases, B2B companies ... read more >>  

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Designing & Managing a World-Class Executive Sponsor Program

Learn how to launch a successful ESP beginning with internal alignment from the CEO, proper structure and pace... download now >>

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3 Keys to Recruiting and Membership Success

by Karen Penney, Senior Account Manager
Recruiting is one of the most important aspects of building a successful Advisory Board. It takes planning, preparation, and following some fundamental steps. If executed properly, achievable objectives are 70% acceptance and 90% retention... download now >> 


A Different Game: Understanding How B2B is Unique

by Sean Geehan, Founder
B2B leaders often find it hard to obtain guidance; the most common sources of information - business books and conferences - typically showcase executives from high profile B2C companies. But B2B leaders can't simply adopt and apply lessons now >> 

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Featured Blog Post: What's Your Customer Strategy?

Note: this link opens in a new window. If you are in the Business to Business (B2B) world chances are that close to 20% of your customers make up approximately 80% of your revenue. At the Geehan Group, we call this the B2B phenomenon. There is a distinct difference between what your top customers look like if you sell B2B vs. Business to Consumer (B2C). In the B2B world the focus is on the vital few; B2C you are marketing to the masses... read more >>