"Geehan helps us convert the knowledge gained through our customer initiatives into sound strategic direction and revenue growth."

Keith Hawk, Senior Vice President, LexisNexis


"Geehan takes a ‘partner-oriented’ approach to providing input along the way. They are an extension of the Interwoven team (and my team specifically) and that’s very important to me. They know how to make the connection between customers and executives, leaving our subject matter experts to focus 100% on the topic at hand."

Ben Kiker, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Interwoven


"Geehan Group was the driving force behind our reorganized Customer Programs. They helped us redefine the entire customer input process."

Buzz Waterhouse, Former CEO, Reynolds and Reynolds


"Geehan Group is a critical component of our strategic planning process. The company's structured approach and expert facilitation have enabled our team with the ability to uncover client perspectives that we did not fully appreciate at the outset of our planning process. The group is a trusted partner whom we rely on in our business planning process."

Kevin Stehr, Vice President, Strategic Planning, LexisNexis


"We could have never imagined the results that Geehan helped deliver from day one, which we have exponentially increased since."

Anubhav Saxena, Global Head of Marketing & Strategy, HCL


"Geehan delivers insight from the market that helps us focus on what's working and gives us the confidence to kill what's not."

Harris Morris, President, Harris Broadcasting


"Geehan helped us create a forum for vital ongoing dialogue with the market to uncover trends, challenges and opportunities."

Bill Hard, Senior Vice President, Xerox