Geehan Group 2011 Executive B2B Summit

Quotes from the B2B Summit Attendees

“Few conferences – large or small – offer attendees both the opportunity to engage and interact and the provocation to stretch and explore. Geehan’s event in Phoenix provided this unique mix and forced the attendee to ponder all aspects of their enterprise – from how they work with their best customers, to the pace of innovation, to the business partners they ally to the role of the board. I look forward to attending another Geehan Group event!”

Neal Polachek, CEO, Kelsey Group

"It was the best investment of my time I've ever made in a business conference as a CEO. The content was exactly what I needed to take my skills as CEO to the next level. The speakers were outstanding and their message extremely relevant to my helping my company grow. It was a great mix of attendees, CEO's, CMO's, EVP's and other key executives. There was great collaborative learning and networking opportunities."

Margie Traylor, CEO, Sitewire

"Outstanding meeting; very good mixture of participants; intelligent keynote speakers, goal development and topics in program."

Syed Hasan, President of Sales, Springer

“Rarely do you find an approachable business environment that invigorates your social senses with intriguing conversations, collaborative exchange of inventive ideas, fascinating speakers with applicable war stories, and the urge to network well beyond the two days that the Geehan Group brought us all together. What I gained out of this B2B gathering of like minds expanded my strategic thinking, opened new opportunities about how marketing can make an impact, plus enlightened me on similar management challenges with realistic solutions and results.”

Greg Jorgenson, SVP Marketing, VeriSign

"When you can get executives of the quality you had from such a variety of industries who are working on really big and important things for their own companies to be that attentive for two days, talking about issues facing their business, you must have really, really rich content. For them to sit and actively participate, adding value to one another, and then have tremendous follow-up afterward where people want to continue the dialogue and actually impact each other’s businesses relationships and development, that for me is a real benefit. I’ve already heard from four people and it’s only been 3 days since the Summit. That’s rare. You created a dynamic environment where people expect they’re going to stay in touch."

Joe Morgan, CEO, Standard Register

B2B Executive Summit