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Expanded Services Leads to Geehan Group Name Change

Posted by Karen Battist on Fri, Aug 01, 2008 @ 03:58 PM

Dayton, Ohio, August 1, 2008 - Geehan Group, formerly known as Geehan Advisory Boards, announced its new company name to reflect its growing list of offerings to organizations that strive to obtain a greater understanding of their customers.

“Over the last couple years our clients have asked us to lead customer-centric programs beyond Advisory Boards, including Executive Summits, Major Account Programs and other Executive-sponsored programs,” said Sean Geehan, founder and president. “The impact to our clients success has been remarkable in helping drive relationships, loyalty, acquisition targets, increased retention and sales volume.”

In addition to years of experience in managing Customer Advisory Boards, the Geehan team has expertise in defining and executing Executive Summits and Forums – National or regional events designed to bring key decision-makers together to preview a strategy or product, or to lead industry discussions. Through these executive-level exchanges, many customers become closer to the host organization and often even advocates. The outcome has been greater revenue, profitability, and competitive differentiation.

“Geehan takes a ‘partner-oriented’ approach to providing input along the way,” says Ben Kiker, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing officer at Interwoven. “They are an extension of the Interwoven team (and my team specifically) and that’s very important to me. They know how to make the connection between customers and executives, leaving our subject matter experts to focus 100% on the topic at hand.”

Rosemary Milew, Vice President at LexisNexis adds, “Having worked with Geehan, I appreciate their genuine interest and dedication in growing to understand our business. With that increased understanding, they are able to ensure that we meet the ultimate goals and objectives of our meetings – to learn what we need to do to meet our customers’ needs.” Additionally, Milew says, “Most importantly, Geehan facilitates the discussion to progress in directions that we may not have anticipated. Such goal-focused freedom of discussion ensures that we are truly listening to the voice of the customer which will culminate in the company’s success.”

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