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The B2B Executive Playbook

Posted by Karen Battist on Thu, Oct 20, 2011 @ 03:39 PM

B2B Playbook.

Find out how the fate of your B2B Company rests in the hands of relatively few people, and what you need to do about it.

The world for executives in Business to Business (B2B) companies is critically different from the world of their Business to Consumer (B2C) counterparts. All too often B2C strategies and tactics are applied to B2B companies, which leads to disappointing, even disastrous results. B2B requires a completely different playbook.

This book is an absolute necessity if:

  • Your top customers account for a large amount of your revenue
  • Your strategic planning meetings are unproductive or frustrating
  • Your company’s margins are being threatened or eroding
  • You have lost or are at risk of losing top customers
  • You have had new products fall short of revenue, margin and/or market share goals
  • Relationships with real decision makers of your most important customers are questionable
  • You struggle to measure the ROI on marketing or R&D programs
  • Your re-branding efforts have fallen flat
  • Your senior team disagrees on how to move the company forward
  • Your organization gets activity confused with results

In this groundbreaking book, Sean Geehan draws upon over 20 years of experience to outline the proven characteristics of successful B2B companies and the strategies they must adopt in order to survive and thrive. He and his team highlight case studies and research from market-leading companies such as Harris Broadcasting, Crown Partners, Nuance, Henny Penny,, Springer Publishing, AmerisourceBergen, Kodak, Intesource, Oracle, and more to prove what practices succeed and why others fail.

This extraordinary book is a critical resource for all executives of small, medium and global B2B companies.

"When I became CEO, status quo was not an option. I've witnessed the impact Geehan's approach has made with many firms. Applying these transforming and results-driven principles was a top priority for me."

- Joe Morgan, CEO, Standard Register

"These approaches have helped Harris refine our strategies and meaningfully retain and grow our revenue and margin."

- Tim Thorsteinson, President, Harris Broadcasting

"Applying these principles was instrumental in helping us better plan & execute our growth's straightforward and applicable for B2B companies that want to be market leaders."

- Richard Hearn, Co-Founder and CEO, Crown Partners

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Research Shows B2B Executive Sponsor Programs Drive Innovation and Increase Customer Retention

Posted by Karen Battist on Wed, Jun 29, 2011 @ 03:43 PM

Newly Released Geehan Group White Paper Outlines Key Steps to Success

DAYTON, Ohio, June 29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Geehan Group, the recognized leader in connecting B2B Executives to their most strategic customers in order to maximize customer retention, sales, profits and long-term market alignment,  announces the release of a new white paper titled, "Designing & Managing a World-Class Executive Sponsor Program" by Geehan's Senior Consultant, Karen Posey.

This white paper discusses research and analysis that illuminates the best practices surrounding executive-level engagements - programs that engage executives with their most strategic customers outside of any sales transaction. Executive-level insight was compiled from leading-edge companies including Microsoft, Cardinal Health, Oracle, AT&T, Xerox and many other organizations who understand the critical nature of developing strategic relationships at an executive level.

"Our Executive Sponsor program has enabled us to realize stronger relationships, loyalty, and innovation at an executive level with our most strategic accounts," states Jennifer Z. Renaud, Group Manager, Executive Connections, Microsoft Executive Engagement.

Geehan Group found that organizations that focus on long-term relationships rather than quick account fixes or short-term sales, achieve the most benefit with the highest probability for long-term success. Organizations that have achieved ESP success have experienced solid results in four top areas: retention, loyalty, relationships and innovation. The white paper outlines:

  • How to launch a successful ESP beginning with internal alignment from the CEO, proper structure and pace
  • The keys to successful transition from launching to sustaining an ESP program with monitoring measurements
  • How implementing Executive Sponsor Programs has helped organizations better align to the market, increase ROI and enhance customer relationships.

For more information on how to obtain a copy of this white paper please visit:

About Geehan Group

The Geehan Group's proven methodologies and experienced team connect B2B executives directly to their strategic customer groups and market opportunities. Geehan designs and executes programs which have provided B2B companies all over the world with the keys to Sustainable, Predictable, and Profitable Growth.

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